BUBS Tom Tom WO2

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BUBS Tom Tom W02

REG: 16389922

We often hear people talk about a great sire that changed their herd from the day they started getting calves until present. That bull for us is Tom. We know he is not a famous A.I. sire, but folks in our part of the world sure know who he is. This is a bull that starts from the ground up. Few bulls are as good footed as this cat. His feet are perfectly and symmetrically shaped and of good size. He has bone and is extremely heavy muscled. He is a bit rugged in appearance, but holy cow what a female sire. The Tom Tom daughters are the best sire group of females we have ever experienced. They are very fertile, very attractive, lots of milk and extremely sound. The best part is, you can breed them to just about anything and they give you an above average, very marketable calf. It’s really not rocket science, its genetics.

Toms 11 yr old dam has had 9 natural calves at a 367-day calving interval, and has been flushed. She records BW ratio 9@98 WW 9@105 YW 3@102 Still in production.

His grand dam records 13 natural calves at a 364-day interval with a BW ratio 12 @101 WW 12 @ 112 YR 7 @109 % IMF 4 @ 104 RE 4 @ 103. Still in production.

Toms settling rate A.I. is very high, Danny calls him a super settler!

Semen available

Dam Pictures

BUBS Blackbird S28 – Dam of Tom Tom