Southern Charm

#3 in Angus Registrations for 2020

Thank You to everyone that helped to get him there!

BUBS Southern Charm AA31

REG: 17853196

BUBS Southern Charm AA31

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Offspring Pictures are at the bottom of the page.

A bull that has it all! We have never chased the carcass numbers because we felt we would have to give up performance and phenotype, not any more. This guy far exceeded any of our expectations and that’s why you now see him in the ORIgen catalog. Bred by our very first co-operator herd, Hickory Hill Angus, “Charlie” came in like hundreds of Co-op bulls before him, just another good-looking bull. In need of a pinch hitter clean up bull, he got called to bat, the rest is history. The numbers came back in the top percentiles for carcass and performance, he continued to impress with his handsome looks, but when the first set of calves neared weaning, that’s when we thought we might have something really special.

Key facts about Southern Charm “Charlie”

  • Really fertile, all of his bull calves have passed their semen evaluation on the first go around.
  • Super slick haired, from here south that’s a trait so very important for a lot of measurable reasons.
  • Very athletic and sound, great feet and an aggressive breeder that settles cows quickly.
  • Phenotype, phenotype, phenotype, At our ranch, phenotype precedes genotype, and if you have both equally, jackpot. His Offspring, and there’s a lot more like them are unbelievably attractive.
  • He hails from production oriented females, his dam records WR of 3@108 and his Grand dam 5@113
  • Easy fleshing, offspring are so easy to feed, or better yet not to feed! Feedlots are going to love these
  • Just look at the numbers, Carcass traits rival any bull out there, production numbers in the top as well,
  • The balance of all his epds is what is most impressive, he really does have it all!