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A quick look at the ranch and history of BUB RANCH

BUBS Southern Joe 674D at the NWSS Angus Bull Sale.

He was the first Southern Charm son to be offered at public auction, and was purchased by IMS Cattle Company for $16,500. Thank you IMS Cattle Company for your business and to all who bid on Southern Joe!

We are also happy to announce that an interest in his sire, BUBS Southern Charm AA31, has been purchased by Sitz Angus Ranch. We are excited to see Southern Charm used in the Sitz program, and are glad to have them as a partner!

Southern Charm AA31 at NWSS Angus Bull Sale

An interest has been purchased by Sitz Angus Ranch.  We are proud Sitz Angus Ranch choose to add our proven genetics to their program.